Most children and young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) do not have a special transport need. Wherever possible and appropriate, children and young people with SEND should be treated in the same way as those without, i.e. in general they should walk to the academy, travel on public transport or be taken by their families.

Travel assistance may be available for a child living in Nottinghamshire if they are assessed as being eligible. Special needs travel assistance eligibility is determined by officers of Nottinghamshire Transport and Travel Services (TTS), based upon medical advice and other evidence as required.

A special transport need would be where the child or young person:

  • lives within walking distance of the academy but cannot walk or travel to the academy even if accompanied by a parent/carer.
  • is unable to use public transport when accompanied.

Making an application

Applications are assessed by officers of Nottinghamshire Transport and Travel Services Group. The quickest way to apply is either to:

  • apply online here.
  • ring the Customer Service Centre on 0300 500 80 80, where an assistant will complete an application with you over the phone.

More information

More information can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website.