Welcome to Oak – class teacher, Amy Machon

Learners in Oak follow the yellow curriculum pathway in key stage 2.

This page gives an insight into our class and what we get up to each day. If you are looking for specific information on our curriculum, you can find further detail on our curriculum page.

If you’d like to find out more about any aspect, please get in touch.

A typical day in Oak…

In Oak , we encourage children to become independent and develop their social and life skills. We feel it is important that children gain skills in all areas of the curriculum and they learn skills that are meaningful for them in life.

We like to challenge children’s thinking by developing a range of creative exciting topic sessions such as science and creative art sessions. Our children show they retain more skills when they are learning practically. Sessions such as cooking not only support the children’s culinary skills but also helps them understand food hygiene and safety rules. It is important children have a wide range of opportunities, enabling them to explore new and exciting dishes they have helped cook themselves.

Children in Oak are developing their money skills daily, by buying their own snack and ordering the shopping ready for their weekly cooking sessions. A large focus for our children is understanding others, so we encourage children to not just understand themselves but also how they can support others around them. Sessions such as zones of regulation, Lego therapy, PE and RSHE allow pupils to work with each other and know they are a team.