At Redgate Primary Academy, we expect the highest levels of attendance possible to ensure children continue to progress and enjoy their education. Our aim is for all children to have a minimum of 97% attendance and ultimately aim for 100% attendance and punctuality.

The information below should help families to support their children to ensure we achieve the highest possible attendance levels.

Parental requirements

All parents/carers of Redgate children should:

  • provide the academy with up to date contact details
  • ensure their child attends the academy regularly and punctually, as is their legal duty as parents – it is always better for a child to attend late than not at all too!
  • contact the academy on the first and each subsequent day of any absence (by 10am on the first date), unless a definite date of return is known
  • ensure their child arrives on time and well prepared for the academy day
  • contact the academy whenever any problems occur that may affect their child’s attendance or performance

Working with families

Where there is a pattern of regular absence, lateness or poor attendance, the academy will work with families to best support them. This will include being invited to meet with the principal and our attendance lead to come up with an improvement plan – if attendance/punctuality still doesn’t improve this could lead to your child’s records being passed to the Local Authority or Social Care, who will take appropriate action (for example a fixed penalty notice fine of £60).

Some simple tips that can help with punctuality include:

  • Establishing a good bedtime routine
  • Make sure children go to bed to sleep and not be distracted by TVs or computer games.
  • Set an alarm clock
  • Allow plenty of time to get to the academy in a morning
  • Make arrangements with family or friends to help or share the responsibility especially if you have more than one school to go to
  • Talk to the your child’s teacher or a member of our leadership team if you are having problems getting your child to the academy on time.


Families are not entitled to remove children from the academy for holidays or for any other reason as a right. The academy will not automatically authorise holidays simply on the grounds of a family member being unable to take time off from their employment during the academy’s holidays.

We will not authorise absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. These circumstances are:

  • where families are service personnel
  • where a family needs to spend time together to support each other during/after a crisis
  • other compassionate circumstances confidentially shared with the academy
  • where a child has been offered an exceptional opportunity outside of the academy

Families may apply for exceptional leave of absence by writing to the principal at least four weeks before the planned absence (including before the planned holiday is booked).

Holidays will not be granted retrospectively, based on an existing booking. The application letter must outline precisely what the exceptional circumstances are.

Local Authority Code of Conduct for issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices will be followed in cases of holidays taken without prior authorisation

The academy’s policy on attendance is regulated by Diverse Academies policies, and is aligned with Nottinghamshire County Council’s guidelines. To understand these guidelines further, please click here.