Every year at Redgate Primary Academy we are delighted to welcome a number of excited children into our academy community. This is also an exciting and important time for parents and carers; making the choice of where to send your children to school is a major decision, and we hope to provide as much information as possible for you to be able to make the right choice.

All pupils at Redgate have an Education, Health and Care Plan. Pupil places are allocated through the Integrated Children’s Disability Service at Nottinghamshire County Council. If a request for a place is to be made, contact with ICDS must be made.

Visits to the academy for prospective pupils are welcome – however, please be aware that to book a visit your child must either have an EHCP or be in the process of applying for one. Please contact the academy office on 01623 455944 to book a viewing.

Prior to entry

We will invite parents, carers and pupils to come and take a look at the academy. ICDS will consult with the team at the academy to enquire about places and suitability and we will to contact parents and current placement to arrange a visit.

Following this visit, a member of Redgate staff will visit the child’s current placement and will review their assessment information. A suitable transition programme will be set up and agreed with parents, the pupil’s current placement and Redgate Primary.

Transitions programme

Transition from one placement to another is crucial, so we tailor a transitions programme for each individual child. We understand that some children will require a longer transition than others, so this individualised approach helps make the process of moving to Redgate as smooth as possible.

Transitions will always be arranged with the parents and staff at the current placement, with all visits to Redgate supported by their staff. Visits will increase in duration and frequency as the programme progresses.

Within seven weeks of entry

Shortly after the pupil has joined Redgate Primary an assessment of each child’s ability will be carried out. Pupil interim targets for the year ahead will be set (in line with their EHCP).

Within the first term

A new starter meeting for parents and carers will be scheduled to discuss how their son/daughter is settling in at Redgate.

Admissions policy

The admissions policy can be found on the policies page.