Welcome to Blossom – class teachers, Michelle Martin and Siubahn Little

Learners in Blossom follow the green, blue and yellow curriculum pathways in key stage 2.

This page gives an insight into our class and what we get up to each day. If you are looking for specific information on our curriculum, you can find further detail on our curriculum page.

If you’d like to find out more about any aspect, please get in touch.

A typical day in Blossom…

Our curriculum pathway is semi-formal, which gives us lots of time to move, play and learn in a multi-sensory environment. Our typical day starts with a walk, the children then split into two groups where one group will stay outside and access outdoor provision related to our topic theme and the other half of children come in to class for their breakfast, sensory modulation and target work. The children then swap over so each child has their breakfast and sensory diet input, helping us to get ready to learn.

We have our playtime on a range of outdoor areas including forest schools, adventure playground, field and top playground with the bikes! Our favourite play areas are the field and adventure playground. The children then come in to class for a light snack and lesson time. Once our lesson is finished the children then have 15 minutes choosing time before lunch, this is where they get to choose lots of fun sensory based activities! Our favourites include glitter, bouncing balls and interactive whiteboard games.

After lunch, children come back into class for quiet time. We enjoy quiet time as it provides a calming environment with visuals and slow music to help prepare us for the afternoon lesson. Once our quiet time and afternoon lesson is complete, we head back outside for a quick break before having fruit and getting our things ready for going home!

Our day is very busy full of fun learning activities and plenty of time to learn and play outdoors!