Our statement of intent

We are presently in an uncertain time and are aware that this may lead to interruptions in education within academies at certain points. We are committed to ensuring that, even when attendance to actual lessons is disrupted, education will be provided – and that this will be as closely matched as is practical to the lessons within school. Where it is not possible for learning to proceed in the academy, work provided will be linked to the topics being covered in timetabled lessons.

Across Diverse Academies Trust, the way work is provided may differ slightly from academy to academy, and indeed between subjects within academies, but will set using at least one of the following methods:

  • Work provided via email or Class Dojo to an individual or group of students.
  • Work provided via virtual contact, such as through Microsoft Teams, Skype, Class Dojo or similar platforms – again either on a an individual or group basis.
  • Work provided via online programmes such as MyMaths, Mathletics, Oak National Academy, BBC Bitesize or similar facilitators.
  • Work provided via paper resources such as booklets, worksheets or work booklets.
  • Work which involves personal research methods.

Work provided for children in the foundation stage will reflect that provided in school and will be largely practical using resources available at home.

It is our aim that no child should be disadvantaged by a lack of IT equipment or access to the internet. If your child falls into this category, please contact your child’s academy immediately to discuss support or alternative options.

Work set should be returned to the academy in the timeframe indicated. Again, should this cause any issues, contact the academy so this can be resolved. Feedback on work completed will be provided in line with the academy policy.

Please be assured we will do all we can to ensure continuity of education during this time.

Diverse Academies Trust

Autumn 2020