Welcome to Poplar – class teacher, Derek Smitheman

Learners in Poplar are semi-formal and formal learners in key stage 2.

This page gives an insight into our class and what we get up to each day. If you are looking for specific information on our curriculum, you can find further detail on our curriculum page.

If you’d like to find out more about any aspect, please get in touch.

A typical day in Poplar…

Every morning children come in and are given time to talk about anything on their minds, they have a little breakfast and we then start the day.

Our first lesson is split into two groups, one will go outside for a walk (part of their sensory diet) and have chance for self-directed exploration of themed activities whilst the other group complete targeted communication (English) or thinking (maths) activities, before we swap around.

If the children have done well and work is finished, they then get some reward time where they have time to engage in the activities they chose earlier and are encouraged to work with a friend.

After lunch, we get the children calm and ready for the afternoon by having a quiet reading session. In this time, children are taken out to read 1:1 with staff.

After quiet reading, we have our whole class or split class learning sessions up until playtime. After play, children are given time to make their own choices between writing, drawing, colouring etc, at their tables, or to listen and watch a short animated film or engaging video to relax and prepare for their journey home.